About Us

Representation and diversity take many forms:

We chose folklore and dark narratives.

Caipora is a creature belonging to Indigenous Mythology

who protects the jungle and its animals.

It is imperativ to say, that Kurupira / Curupira / Caipora / Kaipora is a creature belonging to the indigenous people. And it is imperative to treat this piece of ancestral treasure with due respect. To me, Caipora is also a mystery and one of the world’s most beautiful pieces of Folklore that nobody knows outside its origin Continent, and I decided to change that.

Caipora is here to bring to you stories of another kind. Old and New, we dive into the Dark Mysteries of Nature and tell you tales you never imagined possible.

This beautiful myth is our face: a face of mixture and integration. Expect depth and poetry from our books; many of them were written by women. We want to disrupt Fantasy & Occult Fiction and show you that Fantasy can be mainstream, but it doesn’t have to.

Ready to dive into the forests of the world with the Caipora and protect its treasures?

The Core Team
Founder Ariane is not always a one-woman show. Thanks to freelance talents and collaborators
  • Ariane de Melo aka
    C. A. Saltoris
    Founder, Creative Director & CEO

    Ariane is a Gothic author, a free journalist, former actress and theater director entrepreneur e researcher of Horror Stories. She was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in the late 80s, and although she has indigenous ancestry, she won't be using that heritage to sell this mission to you. The complexity of Brazilian ethnicities makes it difficult for someone who has not grown up in a tribe to claim indigenous ancestry. However, her love of nature and respect for these people is deep,

    true and honest.

    She lives with her third culture son and her Viennese husband in Berlin, Germany.

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