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Halls in The Forest Collection

The Tale of Tales, Giambattista Basile (English Edition)

What is Halls in The Forest? 

Halls in The Forest  a video project that was born with a vague idea back in 2014.

I shot the video for Halloween, as a gift for my readers waiting for the launch of my gothic novel The Forgotten Story of The Highway Inn. I don’t need to say that I loved the experience, do I? The cemetery is gorgeous and I am a trained actress, who always wanted to become a reporter (figure me out, I dare you!), so hosting a documentary-wish on such an incredible place was like making a dream come true.

Years passed, life got in the way and I went back to YouTube to tell stories on my own YouTube channel. The project was called Dark Christmas (you can watch it in English on YouTube)  and was an advent calendar with 24 videos.

Yes, you read it right! I wrote 20 of those mini-short stories; then I got my camera and shot all those videos in full cosplay. Four creepy creatures read six stories each. Then life got in the way again!

And so I went back with the version that would eventually lead me to Halls in The Forest. It was a project in 2021 called Halloween of Legends (you can watch it in Brazilian Portuguese on YouTube).