Sharing the world's unknown mystiques


We are a small and new book publishing company. We don't need to tell you that publishing books is an expensive business: we pay designers for covers and formatting, we pay editors to make sure you get the best reading experience, and as soon as we can afford it, we'll pay contemporary authors to publish their work.

A lot of money. Which we don't have yet.

So, based on that, and with an eye on sustainability, which is a value we hold high, we are working with the German distributors epubli and Tredition. 

These companies provide self-publishers and young publishers like Caipora Books with the ISBN and the communication with bookstores so that you can order our books in your city. They work with Pint-On-Demand, so we don't have to print a lot of books that we don't sell, which is good for our wallets and the environment.

We certainly plan to use other services that are more exclusive to our needs in the future, but for now, we are very happy to be able to count on these reliable partners to produce beautiful, high-quality printing to get us started.

Of course, we will also have ebook editions of each book.

Thank you for your interest in our beautiful project. Let's make it big!