Sharing the world's unknown mystiques


“Fiction is a lie that tells us true things, over and over.” - Neil Gaiman

In other words: Fantasy Fiction can be mainstream, but it doesn't have to.

Fiction, especially science fiction, horror and dark fairy tales, has helped me deal with more trauma than other methods ever have; and it saddens me that genre fiction is still treated as something minor, something not to be taken seriously. Well, to borrow another quote: "Stories with imagination tend to upset those without," and I agree with Terry Pratchett. Indeed, that's part of the problem.

There is harm in blocking out mystery, in having the empty human reality surround us even in our dreams. We believe in the benefits of fantastic stories, and we believe that folklore should never die. We should talk about our mysteries, we should try to understand where the monsters come from; there's a lot to learn about humanity by studying its creatures, like vampires and werewolves.

These stories can be full of fairies and goblins, yes, but is that really all there is? We all know it's not. There is more! The world is full of wonders and incredible folklore that has never received enough attention, if any.

Caipora Publishing is here to change that.

Our Manifesto

Let me start with a question: when you think of Brazil, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

Let me guess, it's probably one of these five possibilities: Carnival, beautiful women, beautiful sunny beaches, poverty, or urban violence. I'm right, aren't I? Of course I am, that's all the media has given you to work with, but I'll tell you a secret: there's more! More to discover, more to be surprised and more to love!

Brazil is a country with a complicated history, we were colonized and since then we have been the home of many war refugees, which makes our country an explosion of mixed cultures. 

We don't have our own legends, the legends we grow up with as Brazilians belong to the natives, we make them ours because they are part of our childhood and our superstitions, but they don't belong to Brazil.

So, what is it that I want to bring you?

Everything! Yes, the legends of the natives, with their help and permission, and what we have done with the myhs that our ancestors brought from their homelands - you cannot imagine the richness! The beauty and the magical horror you will find in our pages.

We want to delight you with deliciously gruesome jungle spirits, often bathed in the environment of colonial Brazil. We want to show you how vampires became bats, what the Curupira can do to you if you hurt an animal, the witchcraft we inherited from our African mothers. Oh, you cannot imagine what you have missed! But no more, dear reader, because Caipora Books is here to fill that gap!

Our stories have drops of history and cultural mix in them, they are dark and mysterious, full of wonders, beauties and dangers. 

This is a publishing house that will show you that fantasy fiction can be philosophical and still entertaining; that gothic goes far beyond the walls of the castle of Otranto. (But don't worry, you'll find your favorite gothic, weird and classic ghost stories here too, dear reader, because our goal is to bring you the delights that the big publishers deny you. So, yes... you can count on Mary Shelley, Algernon Blackwood and many more!)


Our mission is to export the folklore, especially from Brazil, that the world has never known. It is to share our history, our colonial period and our culture that is so poorly represented. And, of course, to publish genre stories that have a literary purpose, like social criticism, and to bring back dark and peculiar stories that have been forgotten over time, but should not be.

For Schools

Horror fiction is not only chilling. It's also a great way to develop and discuss empathy, fear, and prejudice, especially in multicultural classrooms. Our series of classic gothic horror stories, weird fiction, and more will help teachers have an open conversation with their students about these critical issues, while enjoying a piece of literature that will actually get teens excited about reading.


To become the publisher that exported Brazilian genre literature, and a well-known house with a place in your bookshelves and in your hearts, known for the quality, innovation and the depth of its dark stories. Caipora is here to be nothing less than the indisputable Queen of Tropical Gothic.

What we want is to open your eyes to new wonders!

Are you ready?

Then welcome to the jungle! We hope you are not afraid of the dark.

With love,