Halls in The Forest
Folktales & Fairy Tales
a realm where the shadows of global folklore and fairy tales whisper their dark, enchanting secrets.
Shadows of Vienna
Your Folktale Guide To Viennese Sightseeings
includes folktales and a guide to the attractions related to them.
Step into the shadows of Vienna with this captivating collection of 25 dark folktales, each intertwined with the city's mysterious and enchanting past. Dark Folktales & Where to Find Them invites you to explore the eerie tales that have shaped Vienna's folklore, from the haunting legend of Das Donauweibchen to the grim story of Lieber Augustin.

Venture into the supernatural as you encounter ghostly apparitions, the harrowing days of the plague, and the sinister dealings of Dr. Faust. Each tale, edited by C. A. Saltoris, enhances the melancholy and romantic dark tone of these stories, offering a unique blend of Gothic style and dark fairy tale traditions.

This book also serves as a guide, pointing out the real-life attractions related to these legends, such as the Stock im Eisen and St. Stephen's Cathedral, as well as charming cafés and taverns. Perfect for lovers of mystery and the supernatural, this book will transport you to a world where the past and present merge, and every corner of Vienna holds a story waiting to be uncovered.
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